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Spitritual Cleansing

I was recently asked about spiritual cleansing and if there even is such a thing and the answer is yes! Cleansing your home and yourself is a great way to release negativity from your space and from yourself.

I spoke with a lovely woman who called me and told me that the past several Psychics she has spoken to (by the way, from Craigslist) told her that for a ridiculous amount of money, they would perform a cleansing for her. Telling her that her energy is bad. I have performed cleansings at homes and businesses and I do not charge to do this but I am also here to tell you that you do not need to pay someone ridiculous amounts of money to cleanse your space. You can do it on your own. So instead of paying someone $400.00, you can keep your money in your pocket and read on!

Cleansing is a way to keep balance and harmony in your home/space and it is for releasing negativity whether due to Spirit activity, others here in the physical world, heavy emotions, or a tragedy that has occurred in your space.

Before you begin, purchase white sage. You can purchase it loose or in the form of a stick. I like white sage as it is purifying. Before smudging/cleansing, make sure that your space is free of clutter. You always feel better when your home/space is organized and clean. Next, set your intentions and this is a very important process of cleansing correctly. Your intentions on why you are wanting to smudge and cleanse your space. Take your smudge stick or loose sage and begin walking from room to room moving the sage in a circular motion. Make sure you smudge every room, every corner of every room, every doorway, and every mirror.

I say a prayer while smudging asking for love and light. That only those who come in the name of God are welcome in my space. I allow absolutely no negativity to enter my home and my space. I also ask that any and all negativity that is surrounding this space to leave now. It is always good to have windows and doors open while doing this as it allows any negativity a way out. I hope as always, this will enlighten some of you.

Being an Empath

Being an Empath means a person puts themselves in another person's shoes. It means the ability to sense others emotions and also what a person may be thinking and/or feeling. Empaths can sense deep emotions and be extremely perceptive and sensitive. For most Empaths, it is inherited from one generation to another. Many people are Empaths and are not even aware of it. In the past year I have learned through experience more what being an Empath truly means and how it feels. Granted I have always been very sensitive to energy but this is a whole new ballgame! I have read about many Mediums who suffer from anxiety issues. It was not until recently that I began to experience more of this myself.

While on vacation with my family in Pismo Beach, we decided to take a walk on the main drag and do some window shopping. We walked into this one little store selling the usual beach town stuff and as esoon as I crossed the threshold, I began to feel anxiety. My body began to feel shaky, my hands clammy, and my heart began to beat at a very rapid pace. I told my husband I had to leave so I walked out of that store, got a bottle of water, and sat down. Within minutes the anxiety went away. I knew it was the energy of someone in that store that set me off. It was a validating moment for me. I recommend that all Empaths ask to be surrounded by Angels, Guides, and God. To surround yourself with white light and allow no negativity to enter your space.

Empaths can be deeply affected by their own environment and the last thing you want is to be a vacuum sucking in everyone else's energy. We also pick up on Spirit energy as well. To realize you are an Empath is the first step. Learning to embrace it is the second step. Learning how to control it, the third step.

If you feel that you are an Empath I encourage you to share your experiences with others here. You may just help others with your story as well. Please feel free to comment on this page. Would love to hear your experiences.

Choosing a Pyschic

We all know that there are many phonies in this field and it's unfortunate because it makes it difficult for you, the client, to choose and trust who you choose. Speaking to a psychic is a very personal and intimate experience and you should feel completely comfortable confiding in the person you choose.

First and foremost, always trust your gut! When you first read about a psychic, what do you feel? When you see a picture of the psychic, what is your first thought and feeling about that person. I have had many people contact me and say that it just felt right or they felt a connection with me. Depending on when your session is, you can prepare in advance. Think about why it is you are contacting a psychic and write down any questions you have ahead of time and focus on those questions. If you are wanting to connect with a certain loved one who has passed, talk to them and ask them to come forward during your session. The more you put that energy and intention out there, the stronger it becomes.

It is also very important to keep an open mind before and during your session. A relaxation technique is helpful and giving yourself permission to receive what Spirit has to say.

We all have the Ability

As my clientele has been growing, I find one thing in common with most of them. They have had experiences of their own! Many have shared with me what they have seen, felt, heard etc. Whether it is a haunted house or an ability that they do not even know that they have, it is great that my clients can talk to me about it.

One thing everyone should understand is that being psychic is in all of us. We all have the ability and with much practice and determination, many can do what I do. I feel that in order to truly open up to the spiritual world, one must learn about themselves first. By this I mean love oneself and face any past issues and put them behind. There are several great books that can start you on your journey towards self-discovery!

The Skeptical Medium

Hello Everyone. I am back! And will try and spend much more time working on my website! I met a wonderful woman by the name of Lorraine Holloway White. Also known as "The Skeptical Medium". What a delight to talk to others who are so like-minded. Thank you Lorraine for connecting with me and also for your loving advise. Many blessings. You can check out her website at

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